Current Schedule

All workshops are at our studio in Seattle, Studio Deep Roots, unless otherwise noted.

Level 2 Prep & Drills

Sign up now for an exciting 2-hour workshop covering the Deep Roots Dance Level 2 vocabulary and drills.
* Check-in (begins at 12:30 pm)
* Warm Up
* DRD Signature Fusion Drills Breakdown
* Break
* Full Level 2 “Boot Camp”
* Open Dance
We’re serving up the full meal deal–the breakdown for our entire Level 2 format in one workshop, including our signature fusion drills we practice every single week. If you aren’t familiar with our much-beloved “boot camp” format, it is essentially an overview with light breakdown, the intent of which is to get to experience the full 12-week Level 2 DRD vocabulary in one session. It’s a chance to reinforce what you already know, or get a taster of what’s ahead!
Anyone with at least 6 months Level 1 ATS experience with any instructor will get a lot out of this workshop. It will be particularly valuable for current DRD students considering moving into Level 2, but also serves as an overview and refresher of Level 2 vocabulary & skills for current Level 2+ experienced dancers. Bring your finger cymbals, a water bottle, notebook, and desire to dance!
Space is limited to ensure the most engaging, quality learning experience we can offer given the volume of technique we will be covering in one day. If you want in on this, snag your spot!


Bellydance Swap n’ Shop

Time to clean out those closets, empty your baskets, dig through your jewelry box, and haul it on down to Studio Deep Roots for a good ol’ fashioned Swap n’ Shop!

We’ll set up some tables, but bring some if you got ’em, as we can always use more. Bring a little snack or drink to share, we’ll put on some music, maybe play some games, and shop each other’s stashes to find new homes for bellydance swag we’re ready to part with.


DRD Boot Camp

Boot Camps are our comprehensive workshops, where you get all the breakdown of every move and concept in each of Level 1 and Level 2 of our format. Be prepared to drink from the firehose as we run down the greatest hits, dissecting and drilling our vocabulary, and ending with a practice jam open to any attendees of either workshop.

Level 1 is a one hour comprehensive workshop 1:00-2:00pm
Level 2 is a two hour comprehensive workshop 2:30-4:30pm
Open Practice Jam 4:30pm
Take one or all!

These Boot Camps are great for current and newer* students alike.

Been away from classes a while and want to get caught back up? Refresh your knowledge and be ready to jump back in to regular classes!

Current students get the whole shebang–a great opportunity to take notes and flesh out your understanding of the format. 

New to our studio? It’s a chance to get an overview of our vocabulary, style, and teaching methods, and get a good brain and body workout in the bargain!

*Some ATS experience required

Level 1 only: $15
Level 2 only: $30
BOTH, plus practice jam: $40
And you can RSVP at our Facebook Event page, and spread the word!

Crafternoon Open House

Join us for Deep Roots Crafternoon, where we give our hips a break and work with our hands. Crafternoons are gatherings where we focus on a given project or theme, get together with all our creative tools, and learn and work together to make something awesome together!
RSVP at the Facebook Event Page


Are you interested in learning tribal style belly dance? Want to supplement your current studies with new disciplines and concepts?
It’s easier than you think to host a workshop with Shay Moore in your area.
Shay teaches fun and inspiring workshops for dancers of all skill levels. She is able to cater to mixed level attendance, encouraging and nurturing beginner students while keeping even the most experienced dancer challenged.

Want to host Shay in a workshop in your area? See the Host Shay page for more info.

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