Road trip roundup


The trip to Bend was just what the doctor ordered. Being surrounded by love and laughter at a time when we need it most=happy, relaxed Shay and Chris. And despite Gretchen’s complete inability to chill on the entire 6+ hour … Read More

Road Trip


Today, we’re gettin’ the hell outta Dodge. That’s right, it’s Road Trip Time. We’re heading down to Bend to spend some time with friends, get away from the everyday reality/life/crap, and just try and relax. Chris and I haven’t taken … Read More

The Dogs of San Francisco


So just about a week and a half ago, I returned from a trip to San Francisco. I did the FatChanceBellydance General ATS Teacher Training (mouthful!) and I am now officially certified by Carolena herself to teach ATS. That’s a … Read More

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