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Student Troupe Dancers at Deep Roots DanceJoin us to learn a dance of joy, power, strength, and self-expression – Tribal Bellydance!

Bellydance as an art form has deep roots in history, and a rich and varied modern landscape of movement, costuming, and music. We explore all ranges on this spectrum, from classical folkloric influences to contemporary interpretations. As the “belly” in bellydance may imply, bellydance offers core strengthening; but you’ll find this dance is a whole-body challenge, improving coordination, flexibility, strength, and grace. Best of all, we get learn how to create a beautiful moving piece of collaborative art set to music.

Deep Roots Dance offers weekly classes in ATS®-based tribal and fusion bellydance at their studio, Studio Deep Roots in Seattle. Our curriculum has been developed over two decades of teaching dancers of all walks of life and experience levels.

We believe in an integrated approach to learning, developing both mind and body through strong foundations and a “take your time” approach to practice and growth in the dance. We strive to give individual attention, and students are encouraged to ask any and all questions throughout the class.

For answers to the most common questions, including what to wear, class structure, and more, visit the FAQ.
For an outline of the Foundation Level material, please review our Class Format page.

Current Schedule


7pm Skills n’ Drills
(on hiatus)
8pm Performance Prep



7pm Level 1 Foundations   
8pm Level 2 Foundations Plus
9pm Level 3 Combos & Concepts
(L3 only on hiatus)


All classes are held at our North Seattle studio, Studio Deep Roots in the Greenwood Neighborhood.
Map and directions here.

Tuition Rates

Regular weekly classes run in 6 week series – 55 minutes
$80 for one class a week ($10 savings over drop-in)
$150 for two classes a week ($30 savings over drop-in)
$200 Unlimited* for 6 Weeks (up to a $360 value!)

Drop ins: $15 per class
See www.DeepRootsLive.com for registration.

Class registration, including unlimited class cards, are redeemable during the 6-week session for which it is purchased and is not transferable in whole or in part to future sessions. See Registration Policies for more information.

*Unlimited students are allowed unrestricted access to all classes at their level and are not affected by “full” status–this is one of the major benefits of Unlimited Subscriptions!

Class Descriptions

Tribal Bellydance Level 1 – Foundations
Thursdays 7:00 pm ONLINE at Studio Deep Roots with Shay – The Warehouse

A Typical Deep Roots ClassThis level will get you moving to the tribal groove, with an introduction to the fundamentals of tribal movement and partner work, isolations, & strength-building. We’ll get you dancing from the very first class! Geared toward the new student, but vital to continuing students for refinement, this class establishes a strong foundation for every dancer. Even if you have taken tribal and/or other bellydance classes before, this class will be instrumental in familiarizing students specifically with Deep Roots’ particular style.

Classes include a gentle warm-up, then we cover in detail one slow and one fast concept, and finally we work with transitions and partnering concepts. Students will need to purchase high quality student zils (finger cymbals). We highly recommend Saroyan Mastercrafts, which you can purchase easily online: Afghanis or The Grecian are our preferred styles.REGISTER NOW


Tribal Bellydance Level 2 – Foundations Plus
Thursdays 8:00 pm ONLINE at Studio Deep Roots with Shay – The Warehouse

Build on your vocabulary and concepts you learned in Level 1, and challenge yourself at this next step in your dance explorations. In this 12-week cycle we put the emphasis is on refinement of skills and exploring various combinations and variations.  This class is best used in combination with Level 1 – Foundations as there is no breakdown of the foundation steps. Students are also expected to understand the fundamentals of partner work.

We start every class with some challenging tribal fusion skill drills designed to increase your strength and endurance. Each class we will explore a myriad of new moves and group dancing concepts together, which will expand our collective dance language.REGISTER NOW


Tribal Bellydance Level 3 – Combos & Concepts
ON HIATUS Thursdays 9:00 pm at Studio Deep Roots with Shay – The Warehouse

This class is by instructor permission only.
This class gives you the tools to really push your dance to the next level. Emphasis on intermediate explorations, including Deep Roots Dance-specific vocabulary and skills, strengthening and flexibility, refined technique, layering, and building on communal tribal movement vocabularies. We will explore more advanced group dynamics, formations, and transitions. Special topics may include music theory, floor-work, props, balancing skills, solos, and choreography.


Bellydance Skills n’ Drills
ON HIATUS Tuesdays 7:00pm at at Studio Deep Roots with Shay
Becoming a well-rounded dancer means exploring all the dimensions of movement available to us. In this series we will play with space, line, form, shape, and expression. We will start with drills to strengthen and expand our range of movement, and then we will experiment with our dance in creative ways. Lines, circles, squares, levels, oh my! Bring your sense of curiosity and a desire to see what your dance body can really do.

This class is best for beginner-intermediate and above; some bellydance experience required, any style.



Past Classes/On Hiatus

The Solo Project (once a year, dates TBA)

The Solo Projects is an all-level class which explores the key steps in creating a solo dance, from choosing and mapping your music, use of the stage, stage presence, and more. The session will culminate in an optional performance night where students are invited to perform their solos for one another in a casual, supportive environment.

Students of all dance styles, all dance levels and experience will find this class fun and challenging. It is recommended that students have at least an advanced-beginner level of experience in any style of bellydance and are familiar with basic bellydance concepts. If you are uncertain whether this class is right for you, just get in touch.

You must pre-register for this class, as there is a handout you will receive prior to the first night of class regarding choosing music for the project.


The Joy of Finger Cymbals
The focus of this series of classes is on playfulness, musicality, and building your dexterity and confidence with your finger cymbals. We will learn how to use finger cymbals like the instruments they are, exploring various interesting sounds and creative patterns as we get to know these little disks of metal better. We will incorporate jamming together as a group, where you will find yourself playing with more joy and comfort than you perhaps thought possible! Even if this is the first time you are picking up your finger cymbals, you will walk out with a new appreciation and enjoyment for playing.

Continuing Middle Eastern Drumming

This is a continuing series. Students with some drumming experience can hop in and give it a go!

Doumbek Classes at Deep Roots DanceThe fabulous Jane Hall of local band “House of Tarab” will be teaching basic doumbek technique and foundation rhythms of Middle Eastern dance at Studio Deep Roots.

Don’t have a drum? There are several local shops where you can snag one. Try Guitar Center, Dusty Strings, or Trading Musician. While doumbeks are preferred, frame drums, riqs/tambourines are also suitable.

This class is not eligible for multi-class discounts.


Old School Bellydance w/ Finger Cymbals

Bring your finger cymbals and get ready to play!! Inspired by a love of old school Ren faire groups a la Bal Anat and Hahbi ‘Ru, and drawing on the quintessential repertoire of Jamila Salimpour (the foundations of American Cabaret and Tribal styles!), instructor Shay Moore will be sharing with you various combinations of movement paired with finger cymbals patterns. Students will start with simple movement drills to get their hearts pumping. Each class will offer some light and accessible rhythm and music theory, fun finger cymbal patterns, movements and variations, then blend them into a combination we can dance together. Each week will build in complexity as students increase their confidence with finger cymbals while dancing. Bring your finger cymbals and be ready for a fun, challenging workout!

This class will be taught in a layered approach, allowing for students of all levels to find a challenge they will enjoy. Students should have some bellydance experience under their belt, advanced-beginner or above recommended.


Studio Deep Roots
9728 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
Bus Line 355 stops approx 1 block south of our studio and 2 blocks north.
Parking on street and one block north on 100th.
Gravel lot behind condos on east side of 100th is open for public parking at this time.

Enter through the wooden door with the oval window and head down the hall to the door at the top of the stairs.