Registration Policies

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Deep Roots Registration Policies Registrations are only good for the session for which they were purchased. These sessions begin and end on specific dates, and are not refundable or transferable to future sessions. However, they can be transferable to a … Read More

The Afterparty

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 The performance is “your afterparty”! I love that sentiment! Thanks to Heather Shoopman for sharing it.

Shame Free Blogging Day!

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The lovely Arya over on Style Trumps Fashion, a student and friend of mine, is starting a new tradition this year: Shame Free Blogging.  After a recent incident of downright inappropriate and personal commenting on her blog, she was inspired … Read More

Improve your ‘About’ page

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I recently undertook the challenge of re-writing my About page (or bio page, or whatever you want to call it). It’s so hard! You want to be able to talk yourself up, and you want to sound professional, but you … Read More

An April Horoscope

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A good friend sent me this today, saying it reminded her of what I am dealing with now. Woah! “April promises to be a month of transformation. Several significant planetary transitions occur, challenging us to find novel recipes to make … Read More

Artist’s Way snippet…07 vintage…

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I have been going back and reading old Artist Way journal entries lately (timely, what with the Breitenbush Retreat being themed with journaling this year). Here is one from fall of 2007. “Artist’s Way, October 11, 2007 I always have … Read More