Health and fitness made simple…

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Another gem from Zen Habits, this time it’s the very simple truth about increasing your fitness. “Health and fitness are usually made to seem too complex. If you read a lot of fitness magazines and blogs (as I often do), … Read More

7 Secrets of Super Performers

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Thanks, Dance Advantage! “Even when dancing solo, NEVER dance alone: … Not dancing alone also means being aware of other dancers in your group. How can you involve the audience or the other dancers on stage with you in your … Read More

Tattoo wisdom from Ravelry

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Auntie BubboPants over on is a hoot to read. But this month I particularly loved her response to a woman who wants to get a tattoo, but her hubby isn’t keen on it. I kept saying “YEAH!” throughout. I … Read More

Feedback: “A work in progress”

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Over on tribe there is a discussion going on about soliciting feedback, and how to get honesty out of people rather than always having smoke blown up your patoot by well-meaning friends and family. Fariha has fantastic, almost obvious, advice … Read More

Your dance vocabulary…

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I recently watched Bahaia’s “Combinography” video. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the content overall, but this one line was so well articulated, I had to share it with you! “Your dance is a way of … Read More

A Simple Guide to Being Present

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Zen Habits really just has some of the best articles! Here is an excerpt, and I encourage you to pop over and read the rest for yourself: “How often are you driving while talking on a cell phone, or thinking … Read More

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