Practice Drills for Finger Cymbals

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Practicing your finger cymbals while in dance posture is important, as the habits your form while practicing are what will stick. Remember the addage: “Practice how you perform!” Strong posture with structured/intentional arm positioning, other fingers gracefully extended and not … Read More

Finger Cymbals

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Finger Cymbals, also known as “zills” in Turkish, are disks of metal worn two on each hand and played by bellydancers. Also known by their Arabic term sajat/sagat, they are not just props, but percussion instruments which add exciting textures … Read More

Mm Mm Monday – Z-Helene

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You want some more ultra-inspiring finger cymbal playing? Prepare to have your mind blown. 1:10 particularly makes me just go Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm! But that is just a warm up for what comes later… watch the whole thing, my friends.

Zill Drill Video

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Just in time for Finger Cymbals week! A video from Afsana helping you get your triples up to snuff, as well as an ingenious way to get you to start working with the “1” in your music! Reminds me of … Read More

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