What makes a good/bad teacher?

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http://danceadvantage.net/2010/08/11/define-dolly-dinkle/ I had never heard of a Dolly Dinkle before, but it sounds all so familiar when compared to complaints and opinions voiced in the bellydance community. All artists have the same concerns… One commenter wrote: “Dolly Dinkle schools offer … Read More

Does the music make the dancer?

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When I first got together with a troupe, we were a democratic group, with no director. Everyone contributed music and costuming and choreographies to their best ability. There was one member who always brought really diverse music that was fun … Read More

And Asharah does it again…

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So part of why I dug up my older kudos-post to Asharah is because she continually asks the tough questions, and gives some thought-provoking and worthy answers. Her most recent post about “Vintage Fusion Bellydance” is again right on the … Read More

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