Caring for Your Dojo…er…Studio

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Building a welcoming, peaceful studio has many faces. Some are obvious, and others…a little more subtle. There is a financial one, which in our case has been a semi-transparent process as we have had a crowdfunding campaign which outlined our … Read More

The Evolution of a Web Page

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With the launch of the new web page today, I thought it would be fun to see how far we’ve come (and all the names we’ve come through!) along the way. I started my online costuming business before I began … Read More

A Dancer’s View on Dance Pay

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I very much enjoyed reading “A Dancer’s Retort” by Brittany Beyer–a self-professed “Dance Enthusiast” and Associate Editor for the Huffington Post. In it, Beyer explores the issues surrounding making a living wage as a professional dancer. There is a lot … Read More

Fair Rates for Bellydance

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Samira Shuruk is a well spoken, well respected bellydancer in our community, and she wrote a wonderful article talking about the importance of setting your rates at a fair level–for you and for the community at large.   It also … Read More

Do you have a job?

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As an independent teacher and performer, it is always feels strange in discussions of my career to offer that I also do graphic and web design on the side. It is often met with a nod like “Ah! So that’s … Read More