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What ATS is and isn’t – according to Z’iah of Awalim

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Z’iah posted this quick n’ dirty personal take on what ATS is to her.

Like any language you are only as good as you practice. I speak many other dance languages/styles and don’t get to practice this one as often as I would like so I am not as fluent as I would like. I am regionally removed from where this language originated so my dialect tends to be a bit different than its originators. I have been speaking it within a small group for 17 years so we have developed slang that is only understood within our group, it is difficult to drop our slang terms when dancing with people outside our group but I am better about that lately. One of my main hindrances in ATS is that I learned the language a long time ago and so my dialect tends to contain lots of old terminology and not much new. Even with all those hindrances I can still dance with thousands of other dancers in the world at the drop of a hat with little, to no, prep ahead of time. That is just fun dammit.”

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What is ATS to YOU? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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