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The Five P’s of (Bellydance) Hooping!

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Shea Brock is a hooper extraordinaire, and wrote a great blog post about “The Five P’s of Hooping”. Everything about it could be easily translated into bellydance. (Note: I take exception to the “Pass It On”, only inasmuch as I think students should go to qualified teachers to learn good technique–students should not teach students, as it perpetuates bad habits. Jamming together for outside of class time, however, can be a great way to get in some extra practice!) Here are a couple snippets from the post, and then the link to the full post is at the bottom of this post. (Pst, the photo to the right is local Seattle bellydancer, Leslie Rosen, who is also a fab hooper and circus arts goddess!)

1. Practice. I tell my hoopers all the time that hooping is probably 10% talent and 90% repetition. There are very few people I have come across who pick up every move or trick without any problems. You might not land it the first five or fifty tries, but then you will suddenly nail it. Your flow will get smoother the more you hoop. I know it’s hard to believe, but even the pros were clunky and awkward when they began…

2. Patience. It breaks my heart when I see someone pick up a hoop, spin it once and when it falls, storm off declaring “See I can’t hoop!” Learning to hoop is a process. It is a process you are not going to get all at once. You’re not going to learn every trick right away, and most things you’re not going to get on the first try…”


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