» » » » Mm Mm Monday – Ujbaba ATS in Moscow!

Mm Mm Monday – Ujbaba ATS in Moscow!

This video is of Ujbaba from Moscow, the first FC Sister Studio in Russia.

Right near the beginning of this performance (in Beijing, China!) is one of my favorite examples of the “lazy susan” turn that I talk about in class–the idea that you are on a smooth turntable, no attention brought to the feet, smooth, level, graceful turning. Their posture is so lovely, and it is interesting to see little nuances in interpretation–the “telephone game”–that naturally occur when time and distance separate an ATS group from the source, combined with an individual director and/or troupe’s personal aesthetics. It showcases the versatility of the ATS format, and the room for personal voice within even a “strict” ATS presentation. Isn’t that exciting?

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