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Review: Back Care Basics Yoga Workshop

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Review: Back Care Basics Yoga Workshop
by Jeni Bonano

Last weekend I attended the Back Care Basics For Bellydancers Workshop taught by the lovely Arya Pretlow.   Having suffered with chronic back pain for many years; pain which sometimes impedes my range of movement when practising bellydance moves, I was excited to attend and hopefully learn ways to deal with my back problems, and hopefully protect myself from further injury.  Of course, with Arya teaching the class, I fully expected it to be fun, and it didn’t dissapoint, but what I wasn’t expecting was the level of Arya‘s expertise in both yoga and the human anatomy, especially in relation to belly dancers.

Arya started the workshop with a brief description of her background and her own experiences in yoga which led her to study Purna yoga and to become a teacher.  She came fully prepared with great handouts, full of practical information and of course handy pictures of poses, as well as books to show us the actual muscles and bones that she was referring to.  Then, along with Crystal her assistant, she took us through some “first aid” poses to help with some common complaints and also some organic remedies for treating inflammation rather than repeated use of painkillers.  Then, on to a series of hip opening poses; going through each pose slowly, and going around the room giving individual modifications if necessary.

Arya is a delightful, knowledgable teacher and I highly recommend attending her next workshop.  My only complaint?…….the workshop wasn’t long enough!   

Arya will be announcing her next yoga workshop with Deep Roots Dance soon. Watch this space for more information!

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