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Fair Rates for Bellydance

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Samira Shuruk is a well spoken, well respected bellydancer in our community, and she wrote a wonderful article talking about the importance of setting your rates at a fair level–for you and for the community at large.   It also gives some practical advice on how to be supportive in your own community. I liked this part especially:

“If you are not a dancer and have somehow stumbled upon this page:  Please remember that included in our fee is SO much more than the 20 or so minutes you see us perform.  An hour prep time, travel time (average 30 minutes to an hour each direction), waiting around at the whim of the host/musician, all occur on the day of the gig.  Factor in rehearsal time, class time and the cost of education, costuming, props, music, marketing and all other business expenses and you’ll have a better idea of the challenges faced by a professional dancer in a business run rampant with hobbyists.”

“This is not a “per hour” job, it is a “pay per service” career, as there are many factors that make up our services.”

Read the full article here: http://www.samirashuruk.com/belly-dance/fair-rates-article/

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