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Do you have a job?

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As an independent teacher and performer, it is always feels strange in discussions of my career to offer that I also do graphic and web design on the side. It is often met with a nod like “Ah! So that’s her real job, so she can do the dance thing.” Quite the opposite is true.  I spend 90% of my time and energy on my primary career of dance, and try to cram some design work into the nooks and crannies–because yes it is good supplemental income, but also because I just truly enjoy it.  It is key to note why and how I learned graphic and web design: from designing my own dance websites and marketing materials for myself, my troupes, and fellow performers!  I only have this “side job” because of my successful career as a dancer.

Herein I want to share one of the best written breakdowns of what a life of an independent performer/artist is really like!  I resonated so much of this blog post, but here are a few gems from a CA hooper named Revolva. Props to you, girl!

“When people ask me (either out of disdain or wonder), “Do you just perform, or do you also have a job?” – and I reply that I perform, and I also work as a writer, I don’t think they understand I am NOT saying, “I have a fun activity and a job that you might consider real!”  Instead, I’m saying, “I have a job that’s eighteen jobs in one – and another job. So I have nineteen jobs. Thanks for asking.””


“I’m not complaining about life as a performer.  I’m only pointing out, for people who don’t know, that it’s less a selfish life led by lazy, lucky people – than it is a selfless one led by people who often spend every waking moment dealing with (or even thinking about) some aspect of how to raise our art into the world, the way a mother raises a child.”

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