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DTBD Newsletter – May

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Happy spring everyone! Here is the latest from Double Take Bellydance:

Performance Opportunities!

This summer holds two performance opportunities in July, and we want you to be a part of it. YES YOU!!  Students of all levels are invited to join in the fun.  And for one event, even your friends and family can get involved!  If you are interested in participating, contact Shay immediately to receive information on rehearsals, costuming, and other details.
Med Fest – July 16 or 17 (day/time TBA)
Join Nomaditude on stage at the Mediterranean Fantasy Festival (Med Fest)–Seattle’s longest running celebration of bellydance!  All day shopping, schmoozing, and performances on two stages.
Greenwood Seafair Parade – July 27th, 6pm
Everyone is invited to take part in a performance with Nomaditude in the Greenwood Seafair Parade, even your non-dance friends and family!   This is a completely playful, exhilarating opportunity to get dressed up and spread the joy in this annual tradition.

Class News

The workshops you have been waiting for are finally scheduled and open for regstration–make-up, hair, costuming, and more!

Friday, May 13th, 7-8:30pm
FREE Intro to Bellydance with Shay Moore

This is a completely free intro to belldance workshop–perfect for any friends you want to encourage to give tribal bellydance a go.  Please, pass the information along to anyone you think might be interested.

Saturday, May 14th, 1pm-3pm
Make-up and Hair for Tribal Bellydance
Foundation techniques for stage performance

Sunday May 22nd, 11am-1pm 
Costuming for Tribal Bellydance
Building your tribal “dowry”, and how to put them together for fashion and performance.

Saturday June 11th, 1pm-4pm
Tribal Bellydance Boot Camp
The whole shebang in one workshop. Two levels–take one, or take both for a real challenge!

All the workshop details and online registration are available at http://www.doubletakebellydance.com/p/workshops.html

The next session of weekly classes begins the week of May 24th!

The New Double Take 
Bellydance Market

In an effort to make the videos, music, and other bellydance items I recommend more accessible for you, I have set up a little online market for you to shop in.  All the items in the store I have used personally and recommend highly for every tribal bellydancer.  Orders are fulfilled by Amazon merchants.  So if you’re looking for some new music, or maybe some inspiring instructional DVD’s, please check it out. http://www.doubletakebellydance.com/p/market.html

Student Spotlight

Our first student in the spotlight is the fabulous Jeni Bonanno (here with her handsome son, Giordan)!

“It’s wonderful to be involved in something that celebrates women of all shapes and sizes, and to be surrounded by beautiful women who exude strength and confidence in themselves.

Learn more about Jeni HERE.

E-mail me if you would like to be a part of this new feature!


  Skillz! Zillz! Drillz!

As we all know, in tribal bellydance we are very right-centric–responding quickly in improvisational choreography is more successful with a predictable start on the same foot or side of the body.  But in my humble opinion, a well-rounded dancer should strive to be balanced in her practice, so if she is ever called upon to work the other side (say, in a choreography) she is strong and capable.  This month I challenge you to take your favorite moves and dance them starting on the left!  The physical challenge can be a real awakening, tending to some muscles we may not give as much attention to.  But the mental challenge is equally fun to take on–just knowing which way to turn can feel like a head scratcher.

For a simple combo try:
16 hip bump (mix in some turns!)
8 Egyptian
8 Egyptian half turns
16 Turkish (1/4 and Reverse Turns for an advanced version)
16 Arabic (try out Arabic Full Turn, or Arabic Shimmy into spins for more advanced combos)

If you do this month’s drill, I would love to hear about it.  E-mail me any time to let me know how it went!

Bellydance on the web

This month’s featured website is GildedSerpent.com
At first glance, this website is difficult to parse visually; but hidden beneath its cluttered front page is a collection of articles, reviews, and photos that are worth digging into.  Everything on here is written by members of the bellydance community–people who live and work in and around the dance.  Though the authors are amateur, they represent a cross-section of viewpoints that paints an eclectic picture of the art form as seen through many different eyes.

The Setlist

Here’s some more musical treats for your ears and hips!
Song – Artist – Album

Argo – Palyrria – Mehexy
Just shy of 8 full minutes of groovy, scratchy, world fusion.  This one is a bit dark, my friends, but a very chill choice for drilling your snake arms with undeniable kick-ass power.

Lirrili – Amina – Galactic Caravan
A good medium-fast upbeat tune featuring the fabulous vocals of French-Tunisian star Amina.  In it she sings about her love for her native home of Tunisia. “Tunisia, you are my dear, I give you my life and my eyes, You are my life, my eyes, The beauty of our girls is unparalleled

That’s it for this month. C’mon Spring, SPRING ALREADY!

Much love,

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Shay Moore is the director and primary instructor at Deep Roots Dance in Seattle, WA. She loves writing, movies, costuming, knitting, cooking, and bellydance to the moon and back again; and loves her amazing husband and doggies even more than that.

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