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Click here for a full review of Sharon’s 3rd Coast Tribal 2007 workshops.

Click here for a full review of Sharon Moore and inFusion Tribal’s Bhangra Fusion workshop at TQNW 2005, published in Zaghareet Magazine.

Some of Sharon’s reviews from TeachStreet.com:

“Coming to Sharon as a baby dancer (from out of state, and by recommendation of my dance teacher at that time) I felt extremely welcome in her classes.

Sharon is a wealth of information and inspiration. She teaches to accommodate all level of dancers in a non-competitive, fun environment, and encourages making the dance your own.

Studying with Sharon and all the other amazing women who take her classes has brought a joy to my life that i can’t imagine ever living without!”
~ Erika

“I have to admit, I chose Shay’s class purely on time & location but boy howdy, am I glad I did. First of all, Shay is gorgeous dancer who is both inspiring and encouraging. Her teaching style is very friendly, relaxed, & approachable &, dammit, she’s just a delightful person.

I highly recommend her beginning class. If anyone can make the material accessible, it’s Sharon.”
~ Nakaj

And even more reviews:
“Your workshops were the best I took at 3rd Coast this year. I really enjoyed your style of teaching, and I really felt that “conversation” element you mentioned at the beginning of each workshop. I am often so intimidated by instructors that I ask very few questions during a workshop, but you created such a positive and warm environment that asking questions seemed like a natural extension of the lesson. And you added something I haven’t seen in a workshop in a while- lots and lots of F-U-N! I haven’t laughed and “played” in dance like that in a long, long time. Thank you!”
~ Nari

“Wow! What a fun time I had seeing you dance, hanging out with you on Saturday night, and most importantly, learning from you on Sunday. I’d heard what a great teacher you are, Sharon, and for once, the rumor mill was true.”
~ Ali of n.o.madic tribal

“after taking your workshop at 3rd Coast…..I am going to become a junkie, I can feel it. That was the most awesome workshop I took the whole weekend. I had more fun in that workshop than all others combined!! You guys are ‘da bomb!!!”

“Just basking in the after glow of an amazing weekend! Just returned from a weekend workshop with Sharon Moore and her friend Gen in Kamloops B.C. The music, moves, atmosphere, exercise, socializing, purchasing and buying some more… it’s all such a wonderful memory!

I loved it, loved it, and then I really enjoyed myself! I figured out awhile ago that Egyptian wasn’t it for me, although beautiful I was looking for something different and Sharon Moore style is definitely “IT”. It combines the coolness of tribal with the fun of Bhangra, the beauty of Spanish and the community of lead and follow, what more could you ask for?

Well how about a teacher and assistant that bring you the whole package in a style that makes you feel comfortable yet challenged at the same time! Those of you who know me know that it is rare for me to be at a loss for words but I really cannot explain how much this style of dance speaks to what I have been looking for.

Thanks so much to Sharon and Gen,
Your loyal stalker from B.C.
S.L. of Langley B.C.

Kickin’ it in Connecticut

“We had so many people tell us how much they enjoyed your workshops as well as all of us (troupe members) having a great time and being in awe of your teaching skills and funness (I know, I am making up words all over the place today…must be in the tea I’m drinking),so we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated you coming to teach, and we hope to do it again in the future.”
~ Cindy Bear, Malidoma – workshop host

“I recently sponsored Sharon in a 2-day workshop in Canada, and she was fantastic. Challenged both beginners and the more advanced dancers, taught lots of great new material and subtle nuances to the more familiar stuff … great vibe all weekend. You guys are going to have a great time!”
~ a workshop sponsor’s recommendation

“Your passion for the dance really comes through in your performance and in your teaching. It’s very inspiring!”
~ a workshop participant, Tribal Fest, Sebastopol, CA

“You’re an excellent dancer – the best one I’ve had for dance. You have a natural ability to teach dancing – keep it up!”
~a Cues & Tattoos participant, Seattle, WA

Workin’ up a sweat at TQNW!

“Your workshop Sunday was by far the best one I took all weekend. Too bad I put so much energy into the workshop just before yours that I could barely move. But your notes are so clear that I didn’t miss a thing. What I love about your dancing is the perfect combination of classic tribal moves with whatever is au courant. BRAVO !!!!!!!!”
~ a workshop participant at TQNW, Portland, OR

“Many of us attended your workshop, and took more than dance technique away. Your open and inviting attitude towards dance has become an essential part of our philosophy of dance. It is a wonderful gift that we will never be able to thank you enough

“You are fun, entertaining, and genuine. I really enjoyed learning from you–you are one of the best workshop teachers I have ever taken from! Thank you.”
~ a workshop participant in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“You are a great teacher! I felt you were aware of everyone in the room, even in such a large group, and gave your attention to whoever needed it. I loved the individual attention, and the pacing was perfect. What a wonderful, enjoyable workshop.”
~ a workshop participant in Billings, MT

Sharon, Gen, and Kamloops gals goofin’.

“I can’t believe how FUN it was! I was terrified of group improv before your workshop, and now I can’t wait to play with it more. You made it so accessible, and your sense of humor kept my spirits high even when my energy was running low (you kicked our butts!) Thanks for a fantastic weekend.”
~ a workshop participant, Kamloops, BC

“You have such wonderful energy that surrounds and flows from you and is truly contagious.”
~ A.

“I want to thank you for the work we did in class last night… I needed a little confidence boost and last night’s class certainly hit the spot. I was so pumped about class I couldn’t sleep last night!”
~ S.

“I am so inspired by your teaching…I thought you should know that you make things so easy to understand. And you work our booties!”
~ M.

“This is one of my favorite things that I do. It appears to be just a dance class, but it means so much more than that to me and to all of the other women in our class. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do.”
~ R.

“I think you set a very good example for other instructors… (This class is) a fulfillment of all the things I’ve looked for in other classes I’ve taken but not gotten. (It is) a lot of

~ T.

3rd Coast Tribal in TX – Beginning to Intermediate Group Improv and Bhangra Improv
Review by Mary

I had the pleasure of taking two workshops at 3rd Coast with Sharon and Renee. I signed up for the Beginning Tribal Improv class mostly because I had a blank spot in my schedule to fill. I’m not really a fan of group improv, and had no desire to perform it, but thought I might refine some of my technique since there’s no tribal instruction in my area. Talk about an eye opener! It turned out to be probably the most informative workshop I took on the trip, and I took 11 of them. Sharon explains moves in simple terms that are easy for me to understand and remember. Because everything was so well explained, we were able to quickly move on to other steps. We also took several breaks where we followed along as Sharon and Renee reviewed the steps. I felt an amazing elation the first time I saw Sharon turn her head and thought “Oh, we’re going to turn with this move now,” and found myself following along with the group improv. Although I would want a LOT more instruction before attempting group improv at home, I realized that improv, when done well, is beautiful and nearly seamless. I’m not as afraid of it as I once was.

At the end of 3rd Coast, I also attended Sharon’s Bhangra Fusion Improv class. This was the last class of the workshop, which might not have been the best time to attempt a high-energy dance, but I couldn’t help but try to bounce along. I’ve always been interested in Bollywood and Bhangra, but lacked any instruction. The quick shoulder moves are still a challenge, but Sharon and Renee taught us a lot of steps to use, and left me worn out but invigorated to show my troupe and work it into our repertoire.

If I lived anywhere near Seattle, I would try to attend Sharon’s regular classes. Hopefully I will be able to convince my troupe to take an extended weekend trip there at some point in the future, and we can try to snag some private lessons with this talented instructor.

Follow Shay:

Shay Moore is the director and primary instructor at Deep Roots Dance in Seattle, WA. She loves writing, movies, costuming, knitting, cooking, and bellydance to the moon and back again; and loves her amazing husband and doggies even more than that.

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