Melly B.

Seattle, WA |

5-starsBelly dance: a form of movement that has been around for thousands of years- a graceful and sensual expression of the female form.. unless you are born with 2 left feet and completely uncoordinated like me!
I had tried several kinds of dance before I came to find Shay and Deep Roots Dance. It is the most non-intimidating class I have been to- from the cozy neighborhood center it is held in to the way that Shay teaches and really breaks down and drills each move. It really helps that she has someone to demonstrate so we can follow along and we also cover other belly dance related topics such as music, costuming and events- it is obvious this lady IS tribal belly dance. And if you’ve never done tribal-style before, it is great for the “shy” types and building confidence to dance with others. If you live in the neighborhood or even across town, come and check her out!!