I Am A Dancer

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I am a dancer. I twirl, leap, and spin. I jump, pirouette, and tap. I am a dancer. I feel pain and fear. I feel defeat and failure. Yet, I keep going. I smile, I practice, I perform. I have … Read More

I Praise the Dance

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I praise the dance, for it frees people from the heaviness of matter and binds the isolated to community. I praise the dance, which demands everything: health and a clear spirit and a buoyant soul. Dance is a transformation of … Read More

The Guest House


Many thanks to Paulette for sharing this wisdom in her most recent newsletter. The Guest House This being human is a guest house.Every morning a new arrival.A joy, a depression, a meanness,some momentary awareness comesas an unexpected visitor. Welcome and … Read More



Mom Moore has always loved Neruda, and instilled a love of it in her son, who found the sonnet below today. He hopes to include it in her memorial somehow, and I think it is simply perfect. Rest in the … Read More