Do you teach dance, yoga, or fitness classes? Do you offer massage, acupuncture, meditation, guided meditation? Perhaps you teach an instrument, voice lessons, or simply seek an inspiring space to be in — we have a space for you!

Studio Deep Roots – Central Dancer’s Lounge

Two beautiful studios for:

  • dance
  • yoga
  • fitness classes
  • rehearsals
  • music lessons
  • auditions
  • private lessons
  • photo & video shoots
  • workshops
  • meetings
  • presentations

Two private practice spaces for:

  • massage
  • manual therapy
  • acupuncture
  • personal/life coaching
  • talk therapy
  • meditation

Studio Deep Roots is an eclectic facility which offers a variety of spaces to suit many needs. We are an inclusive, safe space, fostering a body-positive environment with the vision of of cross-pollinating our disciplines–professionally and artistically. We hope to build a symbiotic relationship between all who rent, work, and play here. Our goal is to bring together reliable, professional, fun-loving and kind-hearted artists and healing arts practitioners to join us at Studio Deep Roots. Well-behaved pets and therapy animals are most welcome. Make our home your home!

Shared Amenities

Our Serene Front Lobby

Both studios and practitioner rooms share use of a central kitchenette with tea and filtered water, microwave, and small fridge. A welcoming, serene lobby greets all who enter from the front street, adjacent to the practitioner rooms in our Wellness Wing. Our comfortable Dancer’s Lounge area is centrally located amidst the other shared spaces, which include the dressing room/sitting room, kitchenette, and two bathrooms. Wifi access available.

Practitioner rooms are furnished with some light storage and furnishings (described on the Treatment Room Rentals page).

In both waiting areas we offer community bulletin boards and flyer tables which we invite our renters to use thoughtfully to advertise your services, classes, and events.

Collaborative Space

We consider all renters to be collective hosts to every student and client that  comes through our doors. As a boutique business, we don’t have the luxury of a maid service, so the facility is in our hands to cooperatively improve and maintain together. Of course, if you see anything that needs attention beyond a few minutes of your time to address, please let management know so we can take care of it promptly.

In the spirit of collaboration and cross-pollination, we encourage our renters to consider offering perks and discounts to fellow renters. For example, some of our resident instructors offer discount class rates to other renters, a massage therapist may offer discounts on services, etc. Getting to interact with one another and give of ourselves to one another makes for a kinder and deeper community connection. We hope to foster that at Studio Deep Roots.