Studio Deep Roots hosts a talented cross-section of dance and movement instructors from around the region, as well as a home for amazing healing arts and aesthetic practitioners. Here are our current artists-in-residence, and links to more information about their classes, workshops, performances, services and events.

Dance, Yoga, & Movement Artists

Shay Moore – Director, Deep Roots Dance & Studio Deep Roots

Shay Moore, Director Deep Roots Dance
Director Shay Moore has been teaching and performing bellydance in Seattle and around the nation since 1999.  Shay believes in an integrated approach to learning, developing both mind and body through strong foundations and a “take your time” approach to learning and growing in the dance. Shay is known for her thorough and clear instruction, giving students of all levels opportunities to not only grow in their physical skill, but also their intellectual understanding of the dance format & history.

Shay was the first instructor to receive dual teaching certifications in both the Gypsy Caravan and ATS® formats, and combines these studies with her background in cabaret and folkloric styles into a unique blended style of tribal fusion.

Tuesdays 7pm: Bellydance Skills n' Drills
Thursdays 7/8/9pm: ATS Level I/II/III

Tribal and Fusion Bellydance with Deep Roots Dance

Nadira – Beginner & Intermediate/Advanced Bellydance

Nadira began her journey as a performer at the early age of six. She has studied many forms of dance from classical ballet to hip hop to jazz. In late 1998, she was introduced to Middle Eastern dance after a car accident she thought ended her dance career. Utilizing this new medium of dance as a form of physical therapy, Nadira quickly embraced this style. She incorporated her broad dance and musical background with new technical moves, and her unique style emerged.

She has the ability to intrigue the audience, yet keeps them at ease with her playfulness. As testament to her expanding dance repertoire, she has laid claim to multiple national titles, and most recently, Saqra's International Ambassador of Belly Dance (IABDC) 2014/2015 Instructor of the Year:

- Instructor of the Year             - Belly Dancer USA
- Belly Dancer of the Year        - Sisterhood of the Dance
- Double Crown Belly Dance Performing Artist
- Emerald Rain Champion       - Entertainer of the Year

Level I Beginner Bellydance - Tuesdays 7pm - REGISTER HERE
Level II Intermediate/Advanced Bellydance - Tuesdays 8pm - REGISTER HERE

Letty Limbach – Datura Style™Bellydance

Letty Limbach has spent most of her life studying various forms of movement and has been teaching and performing belly dance in Seattle for over 8 years. She was incredibly honored to receive her teaching certification in Rachel Brice's Datura Style format in July of 2017. Letty strives to create a safe, nurturing, accepting atmosphere in her classes and is passionate about not only helping her student grow in their technique as dancers but also about giving them tools to help them grow creatively.

Additional Trainings
- Completed Rachel Brice's 8 Elements™ Phase 1: Initiation with Recognition as of April 2011
- Completed Rachel Brice's 8 Elements™ Phase 2: Cultivation with Recognition as of July 2013
- Completed Rachel Brice's 8 Elements™ Phase 3: Culmination: Certified 8 Elements Practitioner as of July 2016
- Completed Sahra C. Kent's Journey Through Egypt 1 and 2 as of January 2017

On Hiatus

Eugenia Stull – Instructor, Deep Roots Dance


Eugenia Stull discovered a love for movement as an adult. After trying ballet, tap, and yoga; she found home in ATS® bellydance. After years of study with Katrina Ji, Nancy Brown, Caryn Vainio, and Sharon Moore, Eugenia became certified in ATS® Classic and Modern at General Skills and Teacher Training with Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman of FatChanceBellyDance®.

For Eugenia, bellydance was first an opportunity to get some exercise, but quickly turned to a passion. The energy and body-awareness brought by this art form inspired so much confidence and so many beautiful relationships.
Tribal and Fusion Bellydance with Deep Roots Dance

Gayle D. Staker – BollyHop

Gayle Staker at Studio Deep RootsAs a professional performer, instructor, and award-winning choreographer for theater and many dance forms (musical theater, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, latin, swing, tango, line dancing, belly dance, and numerous folk dances, etc.) for over 20 years, Gayle is thrilled to share her passion for BollyHop at Deep Roots Dance. This dance style fuses the urban groove of hip hop with the playful and graceful flair of Bollywood and is very prominent in Bollywood movies and music videos right now. She passionately continues to study the cultures, languages, music, and dances of not only Indian classical dance styles (particularly Kathak), but also Bhangra, Bollywood, BollyHop, BollyWhack, hip hop, club dances, and more.
EVERYONE DANCE! "Even if you feel you have 'two left feet,' please, let me use my education and experience in theater and numerous styles of dance to teach you HOW to dance and be confident. There is no stress or pressure with my teaching style, we are going to make progress that you feel good about and have a lot of fun doing it. I enjoy working with novices to professionals, children to people of advanced years, people of various abilities, cultures, and languages- I am thrilled to dance with you all! Thank you for dancing with me!"

Wednesdays 7:00pm
Learn More Here

J9 – BellyFit!

Miss J9 Fierce started studying dance in 1979, she studied jazz tap and ballet til the early 80’s. Went on to study varied dance and performance arts. In addition began to dive into Modern Dance in college.In 2002, J9 began her belly dance journey and just hasn’t looked back. She has studied with various local instructors and national and international as well. Her hours combined dedicating herself to studying her craft soon surpassed the amount of time she spent on her BA. She began to teach and perform about 4 years later! She also co-produces the show Sound and Smoke loves to collaborate with other artists around town.

Healing, Aesthetic, & Visual Artists

Macy Wood – Featured Gallery Artist

Painter, photographer, poet, and tribal bellydance student extraordinaire, Macy is an artist to the core who loves to explore light, color, and emotion in the wold around her. She can often be found behind a camera and at:
Facebook: @macywoodphotography
Instagram: macywood

Blackbird Healing Arts

Intuitive massage therapy and bodywork that is tailored to your specific needs. Carrie works with you on helping you with stress reduction, overall relaxation, address lingering pain from an injury or issues from repetitive motions at work. She can set up a treatment plan or send you on your way feeling rejuvenated after a stressful day.

Online booking available at

Sugar Peeps – Lash Extensions & Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugar Peeps ~ shining a light on the undeniable beauty within us all.
specializing in lash extensions and sugaring hair removal
by appointment only

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