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Recommended Music Tribal-Dance-Tribal-Drums-0Here is a playlist of music to get you started with home listening and home practice. The more familiar you are with Middle Eastern music, the better you will be able to respond to it in the moment, and the better dancer you will be. And the more you listen to Middle Eastern music in general, the more you will begin to recognize common themes and patterns. Eventually, you develop an ear that can anticipate changes, even in music you may have never heard before, and be able to respond to them spontaneously. That’s when the real magic strikes…and opens doors to dancing joyfully to live musicians! Each song links to the album on either Amazon or iTunes where you can purchase the individual songs, or the entire album! Some of these albums are also available in the Deep Roots Dance Shop. (PS Amazon MP3’s are DRM-free, so you can have them on any digital device without restriction, so wherever possible I have included a link to Amazon to download the song. And in the interest of complete transparency, I do have an Amazon Associates account, so any Amazon purchase that you complete within a few hours after clicking through the links below earns me a few pennies off the sale; so if you want your purchase to support Deep Roots Dance in a tiny way, click through to make your Amazon purchases. Thanks!)

Fast Songs
Baladi Unplugged (our zills tune!) / Helm & FatChanceBellyDance / Tribal Dance, Tribal Drums – Itneen

Saidi Festival / Upper Egypt Ensemble / Egypt-A Musical Voyage

Mazamir / BodyShock / The Bellydance Project

Sout With Spice / Helm & FatChance BellyDance / Tribal Dance, Tribal Drums – Itneen

Wuh Ya Booy (Oh Father) / Hossam Ramzy / Sabla Tolo III

Entah / Helm & FatChance BellyDance / Tribal Dance, Tribal Drums – Itneen

Efrooh Bwadina / Hossam Ramzy / Bedouin Tribal Dance

Giri Mana / Ganga Giri / Didgeridoo Rocks! *This is a legal, free download of this entire album. Just click “Slow Download” to start the transfer.

Slow Songs

Frame Drum / Helm & FatChance Bellydance / Tribal Dance, Tribal Drums

Moroccan Six / Helm & FatChance Bellydance / Tribal Dance, Tribal Drums

Aazab / Hossam Ramzy / Secrets of the Eye

Abadou / Zap Mama / Adventures in Afropea

Song with Tar / Hamza El Din / Explorer Series – Africa

Uzzubía / Caravasar / Almínares Mediterráneos

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