On being an artist: Your Artist Workout
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From http://clicks.robertgenn.com/personal-trainer.php Advice to artists from a personal trainer, taking skills from workout training and applying them to being an artist: Find a sanctuary where you can comfortably work. Dedicate at least two hours a day to your art. Have … Read More

CLASS NEWSLETTER, October 22, 2009

Hello lovely dancers! I am so excited to be back teaching this week! Being sick sucks, and I have missed you all so very much. Looking forward to seeing everyone and jamming together! Here are some announcements:THIS WEEKEND – JOIN … Read More

Q&A: No teachers in my area!
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I have often been asked by dancers in small towns or remote areas about the dilemma of not having a teacher in their area, and what they can do to learn and dance with others as they would like. Particularly … Read More

What makes a good choreographer?
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Earlier this year, a fellow dancer on the Tribal Bellydance tribe asked about the skills it takes to be a strong choreographer, and asked some really key questions. Here is the majority of her post: “I’m wondering how those of … Read More

For spouses/partners of artists!
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Excerpted from the excellent http://www.artadvice.com/advice/article14.php This is just one section of three wonderful brief paragraphs about what it means to live with, and try to understand, about an artist. Does this sound like you? “Living with an artist isn’t easy, … Read More

On being an artist: is it this simple?
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From http://www.geocities.com/debverhoeven/beinganartist/artist.htm Contrary to a previous post and link about what it takes to be an artist, this web page asserts that if you think you are an artist, you are. It takes nothing more than messing about with whatever … Read More

Good teachers do homework, too: Teaching Journals
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It’s back to school time, so it seemed a timely opportunity to look at our lesson plans, class structure, studio/class environment, and the like. First up: teaching journals! If you are just getting started teaching, or even if you have … Read More

Computer programs for dancers
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Megan Hartmann recently posted a great blog entry on things she has had to learn as a professional dancer, which included detailed information on software she uses to edit music and video. Thanks, Megan; great post! Head over there to … Read More

Nervousness when leading improv? Glam it up!
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Here is a question from a student regarding how to feel more confident in the lead. Letty always asks really great questions, and she agreed to let me share this one, and my answer, with you all! I find myself … Read More

Jamila weeklong, here I come
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It’s finally in the works. My registration is in, and I am going to the Jamila weeklong next month. Booking flights and hotel next, along with Renee who will be a TA that week so we are traveling together. I … Read More

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