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The True Cost of a Performance
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Over on Bhuz, they have some regularly featured blog posts that are fun to poke around at from time to time. This particular post I saw today made me want to cheer for all the articulate and thoughtful consideration that … Read More

Article: Tribal Fusion Bellydance on Gilded Serpent
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Have a read, and let me know what you think: http://www.gildedserpent.com/cms/2010/11/03/jasmine-june-intro-tribal-fusion-belly-dance/ “The “fusion” in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance makes this dance genre elusive and tricky to define. Two dancers could have nothing in common except a few core movements and … Read More

Brief history of sword dancing
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From Mish Mish via BellyTalk, a NW discussion group for bellydancers. It is confirmed by what Jamila told us at her weeklong, that she was essentially the one who conceived the sword as a bellydance prop: “In Turkey and Arabic … Read More

Dance Injuries – Having a Plan C
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Dance Advantage listed an article recently on dancers and injuries. Specifically the idea that injuries can take away dance from your life. I am familiar with this, having been on and off battling a severe back issue, and more recently … Read More

Bringing emotion to your dance
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  From my background in theater and dance, to a life seeped in bellydance and dance in general full-time, I have learned that one of the most powerful methods of showing emotion in performance is having a story firmly in … Read More

ATS Old/New – My Take
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I have been engaged in many discussions about the New/Old ATS announcement, on Tribe and on Facebook and in mails with friends, and even had a chat with Carolena today. I haven’t said too much about my thoughts on this … Read More

ATS – The new definition from Carolena
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At about 5pm this evening, Carolena has officially expanded her definition of ATS. Here is the latter portion of her announcement this evening. I would love to hear what you think. “There is still some confusion about what is ATS … Read More

Rachel Brice on Tribal Fusion
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Gotta love it: “There are very few rules in Tribal Fusion, but in my humble opinion the one constant is that the dancer or group is versed in American Tribal Style as taught by Carolena Nericcio. Her stylistic approach to … Read More

Jane of all trades?

Trying to be everything to everyone can be exhausting. I know! I’ve tried! Looking back on the evolution of my dance, I can see a sort of wave-like motion. That is, like a wave pushing forward which swells and swells … Read More

iPod Touch worth it?
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Today a student of mine asked about iPod Touch on her FB, and it got me thinking about my Touch I got for Christmas and how it has been working out for me in the intervening months. I wrote her … Read More

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