A Year in the Dance – a journal exercise

Traditionally in January in my Level 3 class, we do a year in review, and goal-setting for the year ahead. As I said in my recent newsletter, I am not a big fan of “resolutions”, but am a big fan … Read More

Mm Mm Monday – Latcho Drom
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Oh happy day. Heaven of heavens!  Someone has put all of Latcho Drom (in parts, but all of it) up on YouTube…in high quality!  I had seen bits and bobs before, but usually low quality stuff that might as well … Read More

Fair Rates for Bellydance
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Samira Shuruk is a well spoken, well respected bellydancer in our community, and she wrote a wonderful article talking about the importance of setting your rates at a fair level–for you and for the community at large.   It also … Read More

Mm Mm Monday – Gypsy Fire Bellydance
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Happy New Year everyone!! More Mm Mm Monday inspiration comin’ atcha. Kickin’ the year off right by showcasing my beloved sisters in the dance, Gypsy Fire Bellydance of Bend Oregon, performing at Tribal Fest 2010. They always have some of … Read More

Where does innovation come from?
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I have been thinking a lot about the creative process lately. About how important it is for me to not go through it alone, how I flourish in a team environment where like-minded people are pushing toward a common goal.  … Read More

Interviews with Carolena by PinkCoinBelt
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In my recent wanderings around the ATS dancer blogosphere, I came across the Pink Coin Belt Chronicles, which is a blog written by Yuska, a male *gasp*ATS dancer at FCBD studios.  More than that, he just became the newest member … Read More

Deep Roots Dance Student Spotlight – Meera Mittal
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Name: Meera Mittal Age: 23 Profession: Social worker Hobbies: salsa dancing, painting, hiking, fishing, cooking, reading How long have you been studying bellydance: about 3 years  When did you first see bellydance? What were your first impressions? I had not really … Read More

More trio goodness: Silver Wolf Clan
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All the way from Italy, this beautiful ATS troupe is the fist Sister Studio in that country! Their dedication to the form shows in this video. While they are backed by a chorus, the trio in front stay out front … Read More

Don’t Forget the Joy
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Lauren Zehara (at right) recently posted this note on her Facebook page, and I wanted to make sure that a wide audience would be able to read and appreciate her simple yet profound wisdom–in short, that there is room for … Read More

Your Dance Bag
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The first night of every Level 1 class, I do a brief orientation with the students.  We go over simple studio layout (where’s the bathroom, water fountain…), etiquette (being on time, no shoes in the studio, etc), how the session … Read More

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