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Mm Mm Monday – Daria Mitskevich

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Daria Mitskevich is a stunning dancer.  She makes complex skills look effortless, has incredible stage face, and her musicality is enviable. There are quite a few videos out there of her to enjoy, but here is a taste to get … Read More

Reversal of a Policy – Men in Class

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So I recently made an announcement regarding the change in my “no men” policy for my bellydance classes. The announcement was thus: “I am finally opening my regular classes officially to all genders next session. If you want to know … Read More

Rosy Cheeks Drink Recipe

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 We had our first snow here at our house in Seattle. In celebration of rosy cheeks in winter cold, here is a decadent drink recipe for ya! Rosy Cheeks Serves 8 Only 98 calories per serving 1/2 cup whipping cream … Read More

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