Host Shay

Hosting a workshop sure sounds intimidating, but really it’s not as hard as you might imagine! Everything possible is done to make it easy for you, the host, to make your event a success.

Contracts are scary, right?
Not at all! The contract is simple and clear, and the rates very reasonable. You can host as large or as small a workshop event as you like, from one three-hour workshop in an afternoon, to a full-blown weekend of workshops complete with an evening show. It all depends on what amount of work you want to put into it, and what volume of information and experience you want to get out of it.

Isn’t it complex? How can I make it happen by myself?
You absolutely can pull this off yourself–most of my hosts do. Still others collaborate with their classmates or other local instructors to share the task of organizing workshops. It’s a great way to build some community, and share in the fun the workshop will bring to you and your dance sisters. And thanks to the internet, advertising and promoting an event has become cheaper and easier, allowing you to reach your prospective attendees easily.

Finger Cymbals Workshop with Deep Roots Dance
So what’s it really like to host Shay?
If you would like to speak with any previous hosts for references and advice, e-mail contacts can be provided of those are willing to pass on a little of their wisdom and experience. Or pop over to the Reviews page right now to see what past participants and hosts have had to say about Sharon’s teaching.

Okay, I’m in! What do I do next?
To secure a date, only a $100 deposit and signed contract is needed, so the up-front cost is minimal. E-mail anytime to review contract terms and discuss scheduling!

Possible Topics

ATS® – Prime and Polish
This workshop is for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Our goal? To learn and/or polish our foundation ATS® repertoire. Beginner tribalistas and tribal curious dancers from other styles will love this workshop for the new moves, grooves, and inspirations it will provide. Intermediate and advanced ATS dancers will benefit from digging into their fundamentals, hearing the lessons they know so well taught with perhaps a slightly different slant than they have learned from their previous instructors, and seeing ways to improve their technique with a fresh eye. ATS® instructors will have the opportunity to see how another experienced instructor breaks down the foundation concepts, picking up some new tricks to add to their teaching kit.

Finger Cymbals – All Play, No Fear!
Drawing on methods passed down from Jamila Salimpour, the grand-momma of tribal bellydance in America and a master finger cymbal player and instructor, and blending various other methods collected over the years, together we will explore finger cymbals as the exciting musical instrument they are. We’ll learn some drills to warm up both the mind and body for nimble playing, discuss a little music theory, and then dig into various different classic cymbal patterns. We will round out the workshop by creating music together, skipping around the rhythmic landscape with new-found confidence. This workshop will not require much movement, as we will be sitting most, if not all of the time. Dress comfortably, and bring your finger cymbals!

Reviewing Moves and CombosCook Your Own Combos
We can all agree that the best recipes come from fresh ingredients. In this workshop, we will learn some fun moves and combos–some “recipes”–and determine what “ingredients” went into creating them. Then we will play with the process of how moves are created, sprinkle a dash of this and a dash of that, adding some spice to create your own personal flavor. At the end of the workshop, you will have a collection of combinations and concepts you can play with as-is, or use your new creative tools to remix them into something unique to you and/or your group.

Creative Combos: Old School Style Bellydance – now with 100% more finger cymbals!
Inspired by her love of old school Ren faire groups a la Bal Anat and Hahbi ‘Ru (the foundations of American Cabaret and Tribal styles!), and drawing on previous intensive study with Jamila Salimpour, Shay will share various combinations of movement paired with finger cymbals patterns appropriate for dancers of all styles. We’ll start with creative movement drills to get our hearts pumping, then we’ll dig into some fun finger cymbal patterns, movements and variations. Finally we will blend them into combinations we can mix and match to dance together.

This workshop is taught in a layered approach, so less experienced dancers may opt to work with only a single layer or technique while more advanced dancers may combine multiple layers for a greater challenge. This means every student will be able to work at their own pace, adding difficulty as they feel ready. Don’t have a lot of finger cymbal experience? No problem! We will be breaking the skills down piece by piece, and each dancer can work at their own comfort level. Suggested exercises for home practice will be offered to continue to strengthen your skills at home. It is recommended that students have at least some previous bellydance study in any style and are familiar with basic bellydance concepts.

Performance Makeup
In this workshop will explore the key elements of performance makeup, and will also include some more advanced tips n’ tricks to take your look to the next level.  Dancers of all styles will find these techniques useful in creating their own stage-worthy look.

Perfect for dancers performing at Cues & Tattoos and/or Med Fest who want to learn some new tricks, or get in some guided practice with their performance makeup skills. Shay puts an emphasis on economical makeup options, helping students focus on the right tools for the job without breaking the bank.

You can come and watch and take notes, or you can bring your own makeup (or purchase some of the suggested makeup materials and tools prior to the workshop) and follow along step-by-step as Shay walks the participants from start to finish.  Even if you don’t wear makeup in “real life”, performance makeup is a must for any performer, and Shay will make the process painless and even fun!

Materials list provided upon registration.

You can  read a review of the previous makeup workshop (scroll past the hair section to see the makeup portion) HERE.

Custom Workshop Topic

Shay has 15 years of experience in bellydance performance and teaching, and would be happy to tailor a workshop to your wishes. Just get in touch and let us know what you have in mind!