Our primary crowdfunding campaign didn't quite reach 70% of our goals. While there are no longer any physical rewards for donating, you will still have our eternal gratitude for your help in making the dream come true!  

First of all: a giant THANK YOU to every single person who has contributed to Studio Deep Roots this summer. We were able to make enough on our original campaign to get the foundations in place: walls, floors, mirrors, and some basic painting and furnishings. We could never have made it this far without your incredible generosity, and the hands of our incredible volunteers who have given countless hours of their personal time to build something from nearly nothing. We couldn't feel more blessed to be part of such an amazing community! If you'd like to see our overall campaign progress and original campaign, you can find it here. If you want to keep up on our studio progress so far, we will be continuing to post details over on our blog.


By request, an Amazon Wish List has been compiled for those who wish to donate a physical item to make the studio even more amazing. Thanks for everything!

With all we have managed to accomplish so far, we still have a few more goals we would love to accomplish. We have only achieved about 65% of our initial funding goals, so we are doing an extended crowdfunding campaign in hopes of meeting our "stretch goals" for the space. Let me tell you about them and the progress we have made so far:


Floor Reinstallation and Insulation Post-Flooding - In Jan 2018 we had some flooding in our large Warehouse studio, which sadly seeped all the way across the room under the various layers of flooring, forcing us to un-install our beautiful bamboo to get it cleaned up. Now we need to replace damaged parts of the floor and re-install. We're also taking this unexpected opportunity to better insulate the concrete slab under our floors which was making our toes so cold all winter long. This is our top-priority improvement right now, and an urgent one. FLOOR REPLACEMENT STRETCH GOAL REACHED!

Garage Door Sealing/Insulating - In summer, we love that we have a big old garage door to throw open to let sunlight and fresh air in. But in winter, it's a 10X10 aluminum heat-sink, sucking warm air away and making it hard to keep our Warehouse studio warm. We have a company coming out to insulate and seal the door better in Jan 2018, which will keep our dancers more comfortable and reduce wasteful electrical and gas costs.

Eco-Friendly & Efficient Heating - Right now, the facility has literally the bare minimum in heating, including two industrial gas powered heaters, and a few scattered electric wall heaters with manual knobs to regulate them. The former is clunky and loud! The latter has no automatic timers or temperature controls, and can present fire hazards if accidentally left on or if certain furnishings end up touching them for too long. Neither is particularly efficient, nor smart. No bueno!

We want to replace these with radiant panels with enhanced smart features, including scheduled on/off states, temperature sensing (meaning it can keep a steady temperature, not just be on or off). They also operate less hot to the touch, and best of all they are the one of the most green and efficient methods of heating on the market. To give you an idea: our current heaters are 2000 watts to run each, which is the equivalent of 20 (twenty!) 100 watt lightbulbs while they run. The radiant panels we want to upgrade to? 400 watts, which means dropping from 20 light bulbs to the equivalent of 4. Talk about an improvement! So we get better environmental control for less operating costs, increased safety, and all while being kind to mother nature. Win-win-win!

Other Smart Features - While "smart home/business" may sound like marketing mumbo-jumbo, really it is a continuation of our focus on making our space as welcoming, safe, green, and convenient as possible. I personally use Samsung SmartThings and Nest in my own home and it has proven to be an excellent tool to improving safety and reducing my environmental footprint. Details like light and heat controls (automatic on/off and remote monitoring to make sure we only use power when we need it, security system integration (motion sensors and door/window open alerts, etc), and general automation (pre-heating the studio on cold mornings, remotely locking the door at night if someone forgets, water and temperature alerts,etc). These may seem extravagant, but with the busy lives of the students, clients, teachers, and practitioners who come through our doors, every moment saved on these concerns can be turned around and used to bolster our personal time and our community's well-being. PART WAY THERE! WE HAVE A HUB AND SOME BASIC SAFETY FEATURES, KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING!

Electronic Locks - As a facility that caters mainly to women, and mainly in the evening hours, safety is a big priority for us. We want to install two sets of electronic smart locks in our studio which will do a few great things to increase our sense of safety. The way it will work is registered students will have a code which will allow them access during class hours. When they shut the front door, the door will automatically lock behind them, preventing unauthorized access from people on the street. This same lock system will be usable by anyone who rents our facility, allowing keyless entry and secure automatic locking. These codes will be individual and dynamic, allowing us to keep tight control on who comes into our facility, help us monitor comings and goings, and can be disabled or changed as needed to keep us all safer!  DOOR LOCK STRETCH GOAL REACHED!

Build Out a Third Practitioner Space - Right from the get-go, we are looking at the ways we can best adapt to serve our community as we grow. Part of the larger vision of our studio is a holistic approach to our dancers, not just our bodies, but also our mental and emotional wellness. Our hope is to expand from two to three rooms available to rent to professional and talented healing artists, including massage, acupuncture a more to offer healing and rejuvenation for our aching bodies as we meet the demands of our art. More rooms means not only increased revenue for Studio Deep Roots (paying rent keeps our doors open!), but gives our practitioners more flexibility in renting, but also greater availability in scheduling appointments for our students and guests.