Easily one of the most exciting and personal aspects of our dance is our costuming, which includes all the gorgeous jewelry, makeup, and head wraps and hair styling. Deep Roots Dance has you covered with some helpful articles on costuming, from bare bones foundations to individual styling and beyond!


Heavy Hips
Beautiful dancers of Heavy Hips

Tribal Bellydance Costuming 101 – Learn about the four key elements to a successful costume, and collect some tips on how to create a great look for stage!

Building Your Tribal Bellydance Costume Dowry –  Paralyzed by how to get started with building your costume wardrobe? Follow these simple steps and get started right.

Creating Your Own Style – Want to start to develop your own signature look? Read about each aspect of a costuming look and how to tweak the basics into a style all your own.

Free Costuming Tips Booklet – This link leads to a free PDF by Dawn Devine-Brown, outlining some simple costuming tips and tricks for bellydancers of all styles (opens in new window).

Free Makeup & Costuming Tutorial (vintage) – The original video on tribal bellydance makeup and costume, created by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman back in 1994, but much of the tricks are still helpful today. It is broken out into multiple sections incluing makeup, costuming, head wraps, and embellishments. A must-watch!

Costume Inspiration from Orientalist Art – Looking for ideas for bellydance costuming? Look no further than the gorgeous work of 19th century artists like Jean-Leon Gerome, Eugene Delacroix, and others.


Makeup & Hair

Shay Moore of Deep Roots DanceGetting Started With Makeup – A primer for getting started with makeup, including shopping links, technique tips, and online tutorial links.

ATS® / Tribal Bellydance Makeup Tutorial Video – Shay takes you step-by-step through all the elements of a gorgeous stage-worthy look, including full details on techniques and products.

Thoughts on Performance Makeup – Includes a link to the Top 10 Stage Makeup Mistakes.

Dramatic Hair For Tribal Bellydance Tutorial Video – Shay guides you through one of her favorite methods for luscious, exciting hair for performance.

Tribal Styling for Super Short Hair Tutorial Video – Are you sporting a short hair-style? Even pixie cuts can’t keep you from creating a stage-worthy look, and Shay and Arya are here to show you how in this video.