The Science Behind Learning Shimmies

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Mahin has an excellent article on the physical processes which are engaged when we first learn to shimmy, which of course applies to learning any new moves. “The Engine That Stalls Remember back to your early days, instructors! New students, … Read More

How To Critique Yourself

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One of my lovely longtime dance sisters and students, Kathy, sent me this in an e-mail recently, rightfully guessing I would enjoy its contents. In the bellydance world, being still truly a non-mainstream art (BDSS does not automatically bring all … Read More

A question of musicality…

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On Tribe, a fellow dancer shared a wonderful link to spark a discussion about how you learn and/or teach musicality in bellydance.   It ties into yet another Tribe discussion on the Tribal Bellydance tribe where a fellow member asked about … Read More