Alternative drill music

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What are your favorite alternative tunes for class drills? Let’s exchange some ideas for fun music which gets you moving and breaks you out of the usual! Right now, I am loving: Fast drills: “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft … Read More

Q&A: No teachers in my area!

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I have often been asked by dancers in small towns or remote areas about the dilemma of not having a teacher in their area, and what they can do to learn and dance with others as they would like. Particularly … Read More

Make Your Dance a Conversation

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On the first night of every Level 1 session, I do some orientation and introductions. I tell them about sign-in procedures, tell them where the bathrooms are, what I suggest they bring in their dance bag, and the like. I … Read More

The Gates of Speech

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Over on Asharah’s blog, Flissy made the following very astute observation: “I like to apply the gates of speech when I teach and give adjustments. Is it true? Is it kind? Is it beneficial? Is it the right time? I … Read More

What to expect as you progress

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Last year I began teaching occasional comprehensive workshops in which we cover all the movement vocabulary and concept material for each of Level 1 and Level. In that workshop, we also defined what are the skills students are expected to … Read More

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