What makes a good/bad teacher?

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http://danceadvantage.net/2010/08/11/define-dolly-dinkle/ I had never heard of a Dolly Dinkle before, but it sounds all so familiar when compared to complaints and opinions voiced in the bellydance community. All artists have the same concerns… One commenter wrote: “Dolly Dinkle schools offer … Read More

Not alone…

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Seems I am not alone in my feeling the need to hibernate my dance a little bit. Paulette’s latest newsletter came out today, and here is a snippet: “Now I need to take a little more private time for myself.  … Read More

Beginner vs. Advanced

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I have found that one of the largest differences between a beginner student and an advanced student isn’t necessarily what you are able to achieve, but what you *believe* you are able to achieve. It comes from a combination of … Read More

Passionate teachers…

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I have been thinking a lot over my holiday break about what it means to be truly *passionate* about something, and in particular, what it means to be a passionate teacher. It is more than showing up and conveying material … Read More

Rest in Peace, Perry Lorenzo

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My senior high school English teacher, arguably one of the most influential teachers of my life, passed away last night of bone cancer. Thanks to old friends and acquaintances from school, via Facebook I was aware of his illness many … Read More

Teaching vs. Simon Says

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One of my newer students, the lovely Kelly, gave me some wonderful food-for-thought today via her blog. From her very first class, I could see Kelly was a thoughtful student–she asked excellent questions, and gave good feedback verbally and physically … Read More

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