Teaching is HARD!

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I really enjoyed this article. Written by a school teacher about teaching adolescents, so much is still true for teachers of all ages and subjects. See the full article at http://www.musingsonlifeandlove.com/2010/09/13/the-hardest-job-everyone-thinks-they-can-do/ “And boy, were my eyes opened. I understand now. … Read More

Class Ettiquette “Rules”

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I found these class ettiquette rules for another instructor’s class online, and found it interesting to say the least. Give it a read. I wonder what you think… DANCE CLASS ETIQUETTE by [name removed] These rules are not only for … Read More

The Importance of Taking Your Time

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This may seem obvious to many, but sometimes I think it bears revisiting this important fact: becoming an intermediate or advanced dancer is so much more than the number of moves you know.  Unfortunately, many teachers “sell” it this way, … Read More

Doing vs. Teaching

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I am a pretty competent cook. When people eat my cooking, I get lots of compliments, and I know my way around my kitchen. But if someone asked me to teach a six week course on cooking, I am not … Read More

A question of musicality…

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On Tribe, a fellow dancer shared a wonderful link to spark a discussion about how you learn and/or teach musicality in bellydance.   It ties into yet another Tribe discussion on the Tribal Bellydance tribe where a fellow member asked about … Read More

Teacher Loyalty Redux

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Because I think it bears repeating, and with a little caveat added to the end: “To All Students,Regarding “Loyalty” to Your TeacherBy Amanda Niehauswith a few edits by me personally(originally posted at Shira.net which is a fantastic resource for all … Read More

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