Reversal of a Policy – Men in Class

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So I recently made an announcement regarding the change in my “no men” policy for my bellydance classes. The announcement was thus: “I am finally opening my regular classes officially to all genders next session. If you want to know … Read More

Dancing Makes Us More Alive

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A fantastic article about dance and its role in our history and social interactions.  There are some real gems this author touched on, and some fabulous quotes from New England dance teachers within. “Unlike rowing a boat or chopping wood,” … Read More

Do What You Love…

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LifeHacker is a great blog with much wisdom tucked within. I loved this one and thought you might, too. “You can spend your life fretting about how healthy, interesting, or successful you are. In fact, a whole industry depends … Read More

To Dance is a Radical Act

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Here is a thought-provoking and inspiring read to lead into our first week of tribal bellydance classes of 2012. Prepare to nod your head, and “hell yeah” at this one… “…we humans are not rational minds dwelling in bodily containers. … Read More

Ebay’s Guide to Tribal

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In composing this blog entry, a single search for “tribal bellydance” on Ebay returned some very interesting results. Less and less dancers are shopping there, because the term has been confused and misused.I think we should start with a reminder … Read More

I Am A Dancer

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I am a dancer. I twirl, leap, and spin. I jump, pirouette, and tap. I am a dancer. I feel pain and fear. I feel defeat and failure. Yet, I keep going. I smile, I practice, I perform. I have … Read More

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