Ollin Arageed by Hamza El Din

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A song we often dance to in slow in class, Ollin Arageed by Hamza El Din, has a beautiful history behind it. “Hamza El Din – Ollin ArageedA Nubian percussion performance, played for a person only once in a lifetime–at … Read More

On Music and Passion

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I loves me some TEDTalks, and this one is no exception.  I dare you not to be moved and inspired by this talk by conductor and musician Benjamin Zander.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

A question of musicality…

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On Tribe, a fellow dancer shared a wonderful link to spark a discussion about how you learn and/or teach musicality in bellydance.   It ties into yet another Tribe discussion on the Tribal Bellydance tribe where a fellow member asked about … Read More

Music Monday: Latin-y!

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It’s yet another installment of Music Monday, and this week it’s Latin-stylee for the win! A mix of titles from around the world with Latin flava’, for dancing on the stage or around your living room. Song – Artist – … Read More

Music Monday – Moody Monday

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I love iTunes for the way it can organize my playlists. I have ones for my classes, divided up by different levels of skill and paces of music. I have ones for performances, and for styles of music (Spanish, Bhangra, … Read More

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