When Will I Dance Perfectly?

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Rina Orellana (Rall) is one of the most well-known former members of FatChance (woah, wait…isn’t everyone a former member of FCBD now?).  More specifically, she was one of the original members–a petite powerhouse you fall in love with the minute … Read More

Don’t Forget the Joy

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Lauren Zehara (at right) recently posted this note on her Facebook page, and I wanted to make sure that a wide audience would be able to read and appreciate her simple yet profound wisdom–in short, that there is room for … Read More

Just try it.

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If you have been taking dance from me even a few weeks, you already know this: I love digging in to the minutiae of movement. I could talk all night about precise foot placement, body line, muscular impetus, how it … Read More

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