Class Ettiquette “Rules”

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I found these class ettiquette rules for another instructor’s class online, and found it interesting to say the least. Give it a read. I wonder what you think… DANCE CLASS ETIQUETTE by [name removed] These rules are not only for … Read More

Snow Day Hot Toddy

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Here in Seattle, we are under the spell of snow.  That is my back yard from yesterday, and it is now over 2″. *sigh* I love you, snow… Snow is fairly rare here in the greater Puget Sound Area (that’s … Read More

New Year Tuition Changes

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I want to let my weekly students know that class prices are going up in 2012 to reflect market-rate pricing for our area.  Drop-ins will now be $15 per class; pre-registration will continue to be equivalent to getting six classes … Read More

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