The Dogs of San Francisco


So just about a week and a half ago, I returned from a trip to San Francisco. I did the FatChanceBellydance General ATS Teacher Training (mouthful!) and I am now officially certified by Carolena herself to teach ATS. That’s a … Read More

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Me and mah gurlz got to rock it today at the Totally Tribal Hafla. What a great fun event, and a GLOOOOORIOUS day for it to happen on. Unfortunately, Chris’ back was bothering HIM, and he was frowny and hunhappy … Read More

Troupe Retreat 05!


So last weekend was our annual troupe retreat. Continuing the pattern of beach vs mountain every other year, this year was back at the beach. Thanks to the troupe fund being pretty full from a busy year, we opted to … Read More


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Click here for a full review of Sharon’s 3rd Coast Tribal 2007 workshops. Click here for a full review of Sharon Moore and inFusion Tribal’s Bhangra Fusion workshop at TQNW 2005, published in Zaghareet Magazine. Some of Sharon’s reviews from … Read More

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