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Just wanted to share a really great article from about how to get motivated! I know the winter can be a real time of low energy and feeling-stuck-ness. Now that spring is here, it’s time to shake off the … Read More

Ego vs. Pride

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I really dig this article on Wisegeek examining the sometimes subtle, but important, difference between ego and pride. In my estimation, ego can get in the way of progressing in our dance, while pride can be motivating and bolstering in … Read More

FCBD: Who We Are


This is a 1997 video of Carolena talking about what ATS is and isn’t, and specifically some of her theories about the evolution of dance, motivation of feminine display and beauty, and more. It’s very brief, but enjoyable. My favorite … Read More

Teacher loyalty…

To All Students,Regarding “Loyalty” to Your TeacherBy Amanda Niehauswith a few edits by me personally(originally posted at which is a fantastic resource for all things bellydance. Check it out!) Dear students of this beautiful art form, I am a … Read More

You Suck at Photoshop…

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A hilarious tutorial on how to retouch images in Photoshop, with a sardonic twist. If regular tutorials bore you to tears, have a laugh and learn a few tricks! “Warp it up…ya know, like my marriage…”

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