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Art Is A Verb, Not A Noun

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http://www.artadvice.com/advice/article20.php “Most people don’t realize how much courage it takes for an artist to show their work to people. Courage, as defined by Mark Twain, is not the lack of fear, but rather being able to move forward in spite … Read More

Amy Sigil video from Gilded Serpent

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I was linked up to this via Facebook–a video clip that was taken of Amy Sigil chatting up some more traditional bellydancers and folk dancers at a show in Toronto. The video and my thoughts after the jump: My thoughts:I … Read More

Dance vs. Movement?

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What would you consider the difference between dance and movement…even synchronized movement? One might say expressing with music, but one can certainly dance without any music, right? What do you think?

Gabi Rojas on SYTYCD


I can’t wait to see what else she brings to this show this season!! I love that she got a standing ovation from the entire group, and that Nigel who “doesn’t want to say anything more at this point” goes … Read More

Being a good lead/follow

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“A good lead/follow is like a good conversation – you don’t have to yell, you only need to talk. As you get better, all you really need to do is whisper. “

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