Get AMBUSHED Tomorrow Night!

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I know what you are doing this Friday night… Bellydance Ambush Pubcrawl in Greenwood! 7pm @ Pig n’ Whistle8pm @ Naked City Taphouse9pm @ Gainsbourg10pm @ Snoose Junction, part dieu. Let’s blow some minds together!!

Dance terminology chuckle


One of my troupe-mates updated her status on Facebook today with“…had to sit and think for a second after saying “I’m doing a camel” ….>_

What to expect as you progress

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Last year I began teaching occasional comprehensive workshops in which we cover all the movement vocabulary and concept material for each of Level 1 and Level. In that workshop, we also defined what are the skills students are expected to … Read More

Prepare to have your mind blown: THREADCAKES!

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Okay, so there is something called “ThreadCakes”, which is cake designs based on Threadless tee shirts. In case you don’t already know and love Threadless: And here is Threadcakes: So not only did this person make an AMAZING ThreadCake, they … Read More

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