What Is Art? What is an Artist?

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From http://www.artnewsblog.com/2007/06/what-is-art-what-is-artist.htm “I have been thinking about the word “artist” and what it means to be one. Obviously it’s a person that creates art, so why do we have to still get into debates over whether a person is an … Read More

Make Your Dance a Conversation

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On the first night of every Level 1 session, I do some orientation and introductions. I tell them about sign-in procedures, tell them where the bathrooms are, what I suggest they bring in their dance bag, and the like. I … Read More

What makes a good choreographer?

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Earlier this year, a fellow dancer on the Tribal Bellydance tribe asked about the skills it takes to be a strong choreographer, and asked some really key questions. Here is the majority of her post: “I’m wondering how those of … Read More

Class Newsletter October 1, 2009


Hello lovellies! Here is the latest class news! NO CLASS FIELD TRIP NEXT WEEKJust a notice to Monday night students that we will NOT be taking our field trip to Pyramid Lounge next week as previously planned. Renee has been … Read More

Autistic Basketball Player

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If you need a reason to feel really good today, watch this video. It’s a bit old, so maybe some of you have seen it make the rounds already. I had not, and let me tell you….made my week!

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