Anar Dana Dance Project – An Insider Look

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Julia has been a dancer in Helene Eriksen’s Anar Dana and wrote about her experiences during the project. This article was originally published in Jareeda magazine and is re-published here with Helene’s permission. “Last year I had the great pleasure … Read More

Caring for Your Dojo…er…Studio

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Building a welcoming, peaceful studio has many faces. Some are obvious, and others…a little more subtle. There is a financial one, which in our case has been a semi-transparent process as we have had a crowdfunding campaign which outlined our … Read More

Studio Deep Roots Progress Report

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It’s been a crazy month-plus of attacking the new space and transforming something so raw into something beautiful and all our own. We still have so much to do, but the progress has been amazing to witness and be a … Read More

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