» » » Farewell to a ME Music Icon – Hossam Ramzy

Farewell to a ME Music Icon – Hossam Ramzy

One of the most beloved and talented ME musicians and percussionists to grace this planet has passed. Hossam Ramzy has been the soundtrack to every modern bellydancer’s life; his rhythms, the heartbeat of a community of artists, and the musical pride of a nation.

The album I most associate with Hossam, other than his Sabla Tolo series, is Immortal Egypt–a collaboration with UK artist Phil Thornton. It was all the hotness when I started as a baby dancer, and some of my earliest choreographies I learned from my teachers were set to songs like Derwood Green. If you wanna have a listen, hit it up here:

And if you want to discover a whole BUNCH of my favorite albums by Hossam Ramzy, I compiled them here (and there is a LOT more where that came from, these are just half-dozen or so favorite albums from a very large catalog):

Sending love into the universe to all who mourn him today.

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