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Dance Ego Syndrome: Are you at risk?

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Dancer Ego SyndromeThe Dancer’s Grapevine blog posted an excellent article in the past year which only just now slipped into my life. But it’s an excellent read and something we should all take to heart and think honestly about if and/or how it applies to us. Many of us can point to aspects of the dancer described and see them in ourselves.

Who is at Risk?

All dancers are at risk of developing Dance Ego Syndrome, but you may be at an elevated risk if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Have been dancing more than 1 year
  • Are no longer taking dance classes
  • Are popular with dancers of the opposite or same gender
  • Are frequently told you “look good” by other dancers
  • Have a high dance ambition level
  • Are considered to be a fast learner, or ‘naturally talented’
  • Got the bulk of your instruction through YouTube, or other video devices
  • Are considered physically attractive to the other dancers in your dance scene

Of course, falling into a category also does not guarantee that a dancer will develop DES, but the dancer must watch their ego carefully.

By far the most important takeaway, however, is how do we avoid becoming this egocentric dancer? The advice is clear:

“If we keep our minds awake, we can prevent and reverse Dance Ego System. Spread the word, and remember:

Keep Dancing, Stay Happy, and Be Dance Humble”

What do you think? How do you combat the power of ego in your dance life?

Read the full article HERE.

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