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Getting “That One Move” – Zaphara’s Perspective

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Zaphara is a local Seattle legend. She has been dancing since the 70’s, and almost every pro in Seattle has taken at least a class or two from her in their day (including yours truly). Alessandra interviewed her for her blog, and I saw a familiar theme. The “AHA! Moment” is pretty universal. And Zaphara’s is particularly entertaining:

I started taking a belly dance class at the King County Parks Department.  I loved the moves, but I just couldn’t figure out how to do an undulation.  It seemed the harder I tried, the worse I got, and I could see my teacher, Shamiran Pick, from Iran, looking at me like “she’s hopeless.”  During this time, Shamiran held her annual dinner show at the Edgewater Inn featuring her students and herself.  It was my first time watching belly dance, and I went crazy.  I loved it. 

After the show, I sat by myself, ordered a vodka and orange juice, and muddled over the experience.  When along came a handsome guy who says hi, sat down, and handed me his room key.  I responded by saying I’m married.  Which in turn, he responded by saying that’s okay, I’ll put the key at the front desk for you.  Well, the key sat at the front desk and I went home and told my husband.  My husband started laughing and told me I was naive, and that the man had thought I was a call girl.  After that sank in, I had another drink (and I never drank at the time) and turned on some George Abdo music, and started to dance in my living room.  Between the alcohol, happiness from seeing the show, and the shock of being solicited, the undulation came effortlessly.  And that was the beginning of it.

I was laughing out loud at this retelling of a unique “Aha! Moment”.

Read the entire interview here:

So what was your “Aha! Moment”? I would love to hear what move confounded you, and what it took for you to break through.

I’ll start. You can read about mine here.

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