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Fabulous Friday – Jamila Salimpour Tribute Show

You want fabulous? I’ll give you FABULOUS! Normally it is only one photo, no words. But this is a slideshow of photos and I wanted to give you context.

So for those who don’t know, this past September Amy Sigil, Suhaila, and a bevvy of talented dancers and producers put together a tribute show to Jamila. Best of all? It was COMPLETELY SECRET. She had no idea it was happening until she walked through the doors of the theater and saw all assembled there. The show sold out and was an incredible three-part show, showcasing Jamila’s early years in the circus, her nightclub days in San Francisco, and Bal Anat at the Ren Faire.

We are told no video will be made available. I just can’t fathom that. But in the meantime at least, we have this photo slideshow taken by the talented Pixie Vision. I can’t embed it, so click through, and enjoy!


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