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Bellydance Troupe Games – A Humorous Quiz

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Love this hilarious “Troupe Games” post from Raqs.co.nz, in which you can answer a simple fashion mag-type quiz to see what your troupe style is like!

Sample questions:

You decide the troupe is going in a different direction from where you want to be, you
a: Explain the problem and give notice of your resignation
b: Say nothing because you don’t want to hurt their feelings, but miss most of the practices and find reasons why you cannot perform at gigs
c: Say nothing but feel out possible like minded dancers in the troupe for one of your own then set up in opposition using the old troupe’s choreographie”


Your troupe has organized a show but has refused to give you star billing, you:
a: Realistically appraise your position and decide either to work harder to get the skill and presence you need or, if it seems unreasonable, leave.
b: Fume but perform even though you haven’t put in much practice – because that’s all they expect don’t they.
c: Have a grandmother die on the day of the performance – that will teach them – then organize your own show with people who recognize your talent.”

I’d almost laugh out loud, but then I realize…some of these alternatives are plucked straight from reality. !!! Say NO to BellyDance Drama!

Visit http://www.raqs.co.nz/humour/troupe_games.html for the rull quiz!

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