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Northwest Folklife is coming up!

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Okay, this is so incredibly cool, I had to share. The Northwest Folklife Festival is one of the BEST festivals Seattle has each year. Having performed there many times in the last decade myself, as well as an attendee countless times throughout my life, it is something I always look forward to. The schedule is always so overwhelming–in mostly a good way–with so many fantastic events to see and participate in. I used pore over the schedule and release a hand-typed e-mail/newsletter list of bellydance and world dance events I would recommend to my friends and students each year. It was a labor of love, since I knew how hard it could be to parse the complex schedule each year to find the stuff you really wanted to get to see.

Well, they now have this awesome personalized calendar application on the website. You can search for events by type – dance performance, music performance, workshop, panel, etc. It gives you a list by day of the events, with mouseover or clickthrough for further details. Then if you create an account (very quick and easy) you can click the star next to the event name and add it to your personal calendar for future reference, to link to your friends, or to embed on a website. SO GREAT!

So here is my personal list of events I would recommend you might want to see or participate in. Some I admittedly know nothing about other than the description (never seen the Bellingham Circus group for instance, but sure sounds fun!), but I wanted to put stuff on there I would go see myself. Hop over and take a look and maybe create a schedule for yourself. Below is my list of bellydance, flamenco, Bollywood, and other world dance and performance arts events I decided to add to my roster!

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