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Mm Mm Mondy – Urban Gypsy

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled Mm Mm Monday video post to bring you this late-breaking video footage of my beloved friends and sisters in dance, Urban Gypsy.  Just this week they posted video from their performance from 3rd Coast Tribal (incidentally, this is the festival they put on every January in Texas), and it is pure, unadulterated Old School Tribal. You know, that stuff I LOOOOOOOVE.  They incorporated many pieces of inspiration from Hahi ‘Ru including a pot dance, and Jamilo, the lively coffee-making harvest dance which increases in speed to an insane fervor by the end. Not to mention a capella finger cymbals, and features sections with live singing, drumming, and even Sahira hopping over to play flute.  Basically, I passed out from pure adoration, and then played it back a few more times. I am pretty sure a lot of you, my dear readers, will do much the same. Enjoy!

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