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Mm Mm Monday – Amy Sigil

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Before Amy Sigil and Unmata were a household name, they were just some group of gals in cream colored costumes standing in front of my vending booth at Tribal Fest.  I remember they were lined up waiting to go on stage, watching the act before them, and blocking my table!  You see, I was right at the front of the room in front of the dressing room–a prime spot for foot traffic, but woefully easily blocked off by dancers “in the wings”. LOL  I remember Amy turning around and realizing it, and apologizing so sweetly. She was beautiful, tattooed as all get out (even more than many tribal dancers I knew), had a kind smile and wonderful energy.  I remember watching her troupe moments after that and thinking they were really talented, and later realized that Amy was one half of a troupe I did know at the time, Haruspicy, when she danced with her dance partner at the time, Shawna Rai

The next year, when they did their Tahitian fusion, is when Unmata really took off like a rocket.  But I will always remember her warm smile and the beautiful bellydancing of that first year I met her. Here is a snippet of her solo from that year:

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    and here was my intro to them via the interwebz, and it was instant <3 for sure:

    and, at first, i thought they were from Europe ­čśë

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